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QUEMEX Auto Islamic Azan Clock with Qibla Direction QAC-2016 (Silver Color)


Number of Cities: 2000 Cities.

Number of Voices: 8 Different Voices. (Makkah, Madinah, Egypt, Al Aqsa, Turkey, Indonesian, Morocco & Malaysia) 

Number of Azan times: 6 Times of Azan on the screen, automatically adjustable everyday.(Fajir – Shurouk – Duhur – Asr – Magrib – Isha)

Day Saving Light: To change to the Day Saving Light by pressing one button (DST).


  • Daily Alarm: sounds every day, adjustable by user

  • Auto Alarm: If activated, will sound in adjustable time before Azan starts a reminder to be prepare for the upcoming Azan time

Calendar: By pressing the moon and sun button you will be able to choose whether to display the Hijri or Gregorian Calendar on the display.

Temperature: By pressing the Temp. button it will Display the temperature in Fahrenheit or Centigrade degrees.

Qibla Direction: After setting up the clock to the proper city, face the clock to the North and follow the Qibla direction according to the arrow on the display

Volume Control: To adjust the volume sound.

Delta Function: With Delta function you can adjust the Azan time exactly to your islamic calendar or to the nearst masjid to your house by adding or subtracting minutes from every Azan

DC Jack: This clock has an optional feature where it could be powered with electricity using DC 6V Adapter (not included with package).

Batteries: This clock requires (4) AA batteries (not included with package).

Manual Book: To setup the clock

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